Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dogs Where Heroes that Day

Eleven years ago today our great nation was brought to her knees. We where stunned but not into silence. Today eleven years later we still have soldiers in Afghanistan & Iraq fighting for those who lost their lives on 9-11. Another hero that day was our four legged best friends. They went into the rubble where no humans could go & found those lost. They brought peace to grieving families & comfort to those workers on the ground. We will never forget all those lost that day. This 9-11 I also ask you to remember those who showed they are truly man's best friend when called to action. Take a moment of silence & prayer for those lost as well as those canines who are gone but not forgotten today. They gave everything they had as well for our nation. 

Remember that the 1% still live daily with the effects of 9-11. That we aren't a nation healed but a nation that is still grieving the loss of every soldier who still stands to fight .

Four Legged Heroes 9-11 A touching video tribute to man's best friend.

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