Friday, August 31, 2012

Love Arrived in the Mail

 Today the mailman rang our doorbell & all I hear where little boy squeals of "mom come here fast!". I came into our living room to find Jeremy hugging this box on our couch. We had been waiting since last week for the arrival of this special box. Just like we had been watching for months as every single cross-stitched quilt square from around the country came to our quilter Cottie.

We had seen past quilt recipients pictures on-line and knew they where special quilts . But I had no idea how truly special until I opened the box. I was stunned into silence as all four boys ewwwed & ahhhed over the beautiful quilt. It was much larger then I ever expected & will easily fit on Jeremy's full size bed. Every square contains a different dog that was sent from as far away as Japan. It's so soft , fluffy, & amazing. Words & pictures just can not do this quilt justice.

They even made a beautiful little throw pillow to go on the bed. I was so scared to even let Banyan or Jeremy near the quilt at first. Then I remembered the first email I received that said the quilts where made to be used and help soothe. I let Jeremy spread it out and Banyan plopped right down with out us asking. I think he knew it was his quilt to & he was after all the inspiration.

If you have a child with severe medical needs please take the time to head over to Love Quilts and fill out their application. They can't except every child's application so I didn't even tell Jeremy about the process until we got the email saying he had been picked. These quilts take months to make and the squares are just so breath taking. Thank you doesn't seem like enough to say to everyone who helped put such a huge smile on Jeremy's face. We are switching his bedding out tonight and I'll sneak in for a picture of him asleep later. Thank you for making my son feel so loved & so extra special. We will never forget your kindness.

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Amber said...

This brings so much joy to my heart.