Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yesterday I jumped full on into my Personal Training session with my love to hate trainer and friends. Yesterday I felt fine nothing- then BAM! This morning the legs ache! I had to make my self get up and go do my 45 mins of cardio. I stretched and that hurt! I know all about DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness) but had hoped I was past that point. Apparently little ms trainer girl loves to torture me! She definitely hit my quads hard yesterday. We did 50 seconds on then 10 seconds of rest for 12 minutes straight then we had about a 2/3 min break then all over again for an hour-OUCH! I know the pain is worth the results I'll see in a few weeks- but today it just hurts!

I can hardly believe we agreed to meet with HER two more times this week instead of our normal two times. I workout with two other friends- who I've decided have a death wish. They where all for working out three times this week with our lovely trainer- yeah I can't wait to see how they are feeling on Saturday & if they still think it was a great idea. I've worked out enough with our trainer to know by Saturday the whole body is going hurt & we will have to be rested & ready by MONDAY for round two!!Oh- well at least I am sticking to my fitness goals so far and I can already see some results in my clothing being looser. But it does come at a cost- my legs ache when I move- now I am off to drink some more water and pray for relief from the leg pain. I hope you got your work out in today!!

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whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Keep up the awesome work! You will see the results! :)