Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watch Me....the Best is Yet to Come

I woke up sick with an awful head cold that derailed my plans to hit the gym at some point today. I took some over the counter drugs that just knocked me out. When I woke up two hours later I feel even worse then when I went to sleep. This is NOT the way I envisioned starting off 2012. It's exactly the opposite. I was super excited to hit the gym get my Fitness back in gear now that my back is feeling better. So you may ask what did I do, I headed on over to Pinterest & spent the past hour looking through things that help keep me motivated. 

I love to exercise it makes me feel better not just physically but mentally while the husband is deployed or even home. I need motivation, lots of it to stay on task. I must have visual references whether they be on a computer or someone in the gym who inspires me. Well I got  my wish when my old gym brought back my beloved trainer full time-YIPPIE!! I booked my FREE 1 hour PT session for this Thursday. It'll be the first time in almost 3 years I have gotten to get my booty kicked by Jaime- I can't wait! After every work out I ever did with her, I was exhausted but excited. She pushed me to do more then I ever thought I could at my age. I am no spring chicken anymore & it's hard to stay in shape. A lot of work required with my nutrition & fitness. Jaime makes sure I stay accountable for what I let cross over my lips & onto my hips!

Now today Pinterest helped me stay motivated . I found some pictures I loved of strong healthy fit bodies not super skinny ladies Strong muscular women who work hard. I also found a lot of sayings that I hope I can repeat to myself all year long whenever I feel tired of it all. I thought I'd share with you all as well. I know a few of my readers are on their own Healthy Life Style Qwest. It's never been a diet for me It's ALWAYS a LIFESTYLE & that's what makes it work! Wishing all my fitness buddies the best of health & fitness in 2012- Never Give Up- there are NO EXCUSES!

I noticed as I age I really don't care so much what others think of me. But what's the most important is what I think of me & I think I am pretty amazing!

 I can't say it enough, everytime I leave the gym I feel 100% better then when I walked out!

 I am capable of Great Things! I proved that this year as I completed my 6th - 5K Obstacle run.

I love my life & I want to be around to enjoy it with my children for a long time. I work hard to ensure I'll be here tomorrow!!

Still feeling extremly sick like someone is hammering away in my head. I hit up Pinterest to find a super yummy healthy Vitamin C packed Smoothie. It even tasted good & I don't like oranges!

1/2 cup plain Greek Yogurt for protein
1/2 cup ice cubes
1 cup orange juice
1 packet of pure vitamin powder

Blend & drink- it stopped my stomach from growling & I hope I feel somewhat human again in the morning.

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