Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Fallen Brother...

EDIT - SFC Ben Wise - Second Son lost for family.

My husband doesn't have all the details yet of his former soldier & friend. Only the news that came across his Facebook that his friend had died yesterday from wounds he received earlier in the week. As soon as we know more I will add them to Ben's picture on the Page of Remembrance. It saddens my heart every time we have to add a name. It seems like a new name is added every year now with no end in sight. Ben when I knew him was young quiet kid who loved working with Paul and the other Scouts in 5/20 "Skyes Regulars" They all deployed in November of 2003- 2004. The smaller pictures in his memorial are from that time. The bearded picture is the most recent friends have posted in his honor on Facebook as their profile picture. He leaves behind a wife and small children. Please keep them in prayer as their world is forever changed. We will not forget his sacrifice or his sweet disposition. He was one of the good guys & he will be forever missed.

Recon 5/20 2003-04