Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling Human Again

Well after almost five days with out power when the neighbor Facebooked me at 6:00PM last night to say it was back on I almost broke down in tears. All our neighbors woke up Sunday morning with power & nice toasty warm houses. But we had several live electrical lines hanging on the roads that had to be addressed before they could return our section of the neighborhood back on with power. I made the decision to get the heck out of dodge! I was snapping anytime the boys made the slightest noise, the boys where not even being that bad. But they had moments of constant non-stop fighting which tends to happened when confined to one room of a home for days at a time while slowly freezing .

We took off for post to the bowling alley for what we thought was a free game of bowling since Paul was deployed. Only to find out they no longer offer free bowling to families of deployed soldier, insert huge sigh here. I was upset but paid up for the boys to enjoy a day away from the house & get some much needed energy out of their systems. I fed them hot food and they enjoyed some time with friends who came along as well. Then the moms decided I needed a mom intervention because I was slowly losing it! I am pretty sure at some point I had daggers flying out of my eyes. I had lost my smile a few days ago when I could no longer feel my face when I woke up due to my house never being warmer then 58 degrees.Most days it took about three hours after turning on the portable heater to even get it that warm! So off I went to drop all four boys & one dog at a friends home. They babysat eachother and a couple more children while the grown-ups snuck this girl out to Olive Garden.

The lovely ladies bought me a yummy drink to enjoy to get started on the intervention. I was finally warm eating a nice meal and doing some much needed laughing. It was only two hours or so , but it was just the recharge I so desperately needed.I know I wasn't the only Army wife going through this crazy power outage without a husband but I was exhausted. My shoulder actually has a dull ache from re-starting the generator so many times. It just never seems as bad when the husband is home to help some. I was so excited to come home when we got the facebook message after dinner! The boys too! We all pitched in and got the house put back together in 45 minutes flat! They headed off to bed at a normal time & the house was up to 65 degrees when bedtime did roll around.

I sit here now in my comfy pjs not layers of clothing enjoying my hot coffee. Two kids are out the door for school already- HALLELUJAH!! The other two will go in about another hour. I will be able to mop and finish up a few small things today. I will never again complain about a short hour or two power outage. This has made me so grateful for our generator, friends willing to allow this crazy girl into their homes during an emergency, & electricity!! I just need to shower to start feeling almost human again. I hope everyone has a great Monday & fingers crossed for no more power outages while the clean up from the nasty ice storm continues.