Sunday, January 29, 2012

All American Dogs

All American Dogs is a brand new non-profit organization that has been helping our family with my son's service dog from the moment they learned we where in need. They have never asked for any money to pay for Banyan's expenses. For this we are forever grateful & now I am one of their all volunteer staff helping spread the word. If you want to help get the word out about how our Wounded Warriors, Veterans, & their families can get a Service Dog if they qualify please go like the Facebook page as well as share it on your own. Since we are all volunteer and fairly new Jeremy's schools Boy Scout Troop is doing a Raffle in their honor. We have asked that all proceeds go to All American Dogs to help cover Banyan's continued Training.

We recently found out that Jeremy is now considered legally blind in his right eye that is affected by Glaucoma. He will go into another surgery this Wednesday to see if they can salvage any of his vision. What this has meant to us is not only does Banyan need to alert for seizures, learn mobility, but now he needs to be a guide for Jeremy at times. With this comes enormous expenses & a lot of extra training for Banyan. Since All American Dogs has offered to always pay for the training we wanted to give back. A lot of our wonderful family & friends have rallied to donate a lot of great items.

These items where Hand Quilted by Jeremys Grammy , my man's mom. She is so talented and wanted to help out. The  bear pattern is a Quillow which is a throw with a pocket for your feet to tuck inside. You can also roll it up & turn it into a pillow- it's amazing.

Hand etched lanterns donated by a fellow Army wife & friend- amazing!

Our AMAZING Fire Department donating for a good cause!

This is my husband's fishing buddy & friend -  who is AWESOME!

These are just a few of the items we have to Raffle off. There are many more to add soon. Some items are for Local Winners only. But some like the Quilts & Lanterns can be shipped to our Winners. If your interested in buying a Raffle ticket (s) they are $5 a piece. If you are out of town just please specify that on your checks so we know which items to place you in the Raffle . All Checks can be made out to Boy Scouts of America Troop 603.

They can be mailed to : Amanda Huston P.O. Box 1164 Yelm, WA 98597
We need all money collected by February 10th - with the Raffle to take place on the 12th.
Remember folks it's for a Great Cause- to help give back to our Soldiers who give so much all the time.
Here is Jeremy & Banyan's    Facebook Page to go take a look at all the information. We will add items daily up until the 4th of February. Feel free to share this Raffle on your Blogs. if you do let me know so I can let everyone else know how you are helping out!

OK- now onto a different Post- I posted my First Ever Give Away  And NO ONE has commented. I really want to give away this awesome digital scrapbooking download worth $59 to a lucky reader. If you missed the post go take a look & leave a comment super easy to enter.
Have a wonderful Sunday every one.

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