Friday, January 6, 2012

16 Years and Counting

Sixteen years ago today at 5PM central time in Nashville, TN I was lucky enough to marry the most handsome soldier around. It was the middle of the worst snow/ice storm Tennessee had seen in years. Only those guests who had arrived from out of town actually could make it to the church. They where mostly Paul's family. All my good friends where trapped in their homes in the surrounding counties due to the highway patrol closing a lot of major interstates. At one point even the airport closed for twenty-four hours.Thankfully my parents, my brother's family and almost all of Paul's extended family had already arrived that week. They where all from Michigan, Colorado, & Alaska so they found the snow storm very funny. Especially since no one could get out and about in what they called minor snow. I guess if there hadn't been a lot of ice I could see their point but us southerns where shocked & frozen.Thankfully a few guests braved the roads and arrived. I was NOT about to delay my wedding as was suggested. My soldier had orders to deploy in April so we where going to be married before he left. I had already waited longer then I wanted because everyone felt I needed a proper church wedding. All I ever wanted was my soldier & Gatlinburg in the fall, but the beautiful snow would work as well.

Our wedding photographer could not even make it to the church so we had friends & family take a lot of snap shots. Now I look back with regret that I didn't let my maid of honor call the only photographer we knew who lived right down the street. He was super expensive and at the last minute I hated to add more expense to my parents already bulging budget.But oh how I wish we had  the picture from our reception at the Opryland Hotel on the grand staircase. It's the only time you can have wedding pictures taken on that staircase, if your reception is held there. But the memories will hold me and all my snap shots that everyone took. We actually have photos I'm sure we would have never gotten.Thanks to the Army I had a winter wonderland to get married to my soldier. He looked like Prince Charming & has swept me off my feet every since. As we celebrate yet another anniversary thousand's of miles apart I realize how rare & lucky we are to still have eachother. Not only due to multiple deployments, stress, but plain old American Society who often devalues marriage today.I love that my boys are just as excited about our wedding anniversary as I am. I just wish I could say it to my love in person not on a computer screen.

I Swear by John Michael Montgomery was our first dance as a married couple. We've been dancing together ever since <3


Lisa C said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Hugs and Blessings~

Ashley said...

Congrats! I love these types of happy endings because it seems they are so hard to come across these days!! God bless!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Congrats! Just came across your blog. New follower. I'd love for you to check out my blog and hopefully do the same.