Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Sunday done "Cheesehead" Style....

Well yesterday was the day I kept my promise to a Cheesehead friend of mine & went to her home to watch the Superbowl. It really was a lot of fun to watch the game with her & our other close friends who are Seahawk fans. A little bittersweet since my Bears weren't in the big game but fun non the less.We all brought so much good food to eat & each wore our Team shirts. Much to the disappointment of the "Cheesehead" who thought we should all be wearing Greenbay colors. Yeah that just wasn't going to happen!! I kept my end of the deal & think I managed to only say one or two snide comments about Greenbay all day. Which was super good for me! We had fun watching the Touchdown dance & the excitement on our friends faces as their team won the Big Game!! Now we can only wait for next year & hope there is no lock out so our teams can once again try to make it to the big game. 
All of us already have plans to wait in line for tickets for some of the upcoming games for next year. It has been the best Football Season in years so much fun!! I can hardly wait for next year even though a lot of the cheering & jeering will be over the internet since the Cheeseheads & Seahawks must move away in true Army fashion. At least we had fun while it lasted & that is all that matters. With that I will end with one more DA BEARS are still AWESOME!!
  Hope you enjoy the video of our friends who made watching the Superbowl a lot more fun!

 Once there was a Bear fan, A Cheesehead fan, & a Seahawk fan......LOL

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