Monday, February 14, 2011

Ideas for Care Packages

With Paul's upcoming deployment I was actually getting worried that I had run out of original & fun ideas for future Care Packages. I mean we are going on Deployment #4 with several fun Care Packages having already been sent. The boys have always loved to decorate the outside & place fun items for holidays,birthdays, anniversaries etc on the inside.But it never ocurred to me to use my scrapbook items to full on decorate the inside of Paul's boxes before. Until I saw this amazing Facebook page full of beautiful Care Packages.

I ran across a great Facebook page called Miss Your Voice they make amazing Care Packages for all our Military men & women around the world. They don't make a lot of money at all as all their profits go back into buying the supplies for their amazing boxes. Each box is unique & hand decorated with LOVE. You can ask for very specific items for your boxes or they have some pre-made ideas if you are fresh out as I was afraid I was going to be soon.I think they are a GREAT option for any one who wants to mail items to a soldier but perhaps doesn't have the time to do all the leg work. Trust me, sometimes getting exactly what you want in a box can mean several trips to several different stores. They use the Flat Rate boxes so you know the shipping as soon as you place your order & they stuff them full! 
I encourage everyone to go take a look around their web site to see what they offer & share them -  Miss your Voice Website. I now have some wonderful ideas to help me make it through the next deployment so my husband's mail is something he can still look forward to receiving. I also shared their site with some family members who always ask to send Paul mail & what can we send?? They can simply order from Miss your Voice & send him a wonderfully custom box that he will love!! It is also a great option for those of you who like to do the Adopt a Soldier programs.
 Go take a look & leave them some love they are doing a wonderful thing for our Military & their families.

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