Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Well my birthday fell this past Tuesday on the 8th . Since it was during the week plus I was so sick my husband & best friend Sam made plans to celebrate on Saturday evening. I had already had an early celebration on Sunday the 6th with my other two great friends so I was getting all the mileage I could from my birthday !~! I mean it only comes once a year & I wouldn't be in all these people's life if I hadn't been born, so we should CELEBRATE  A LOT!!
Sam came in with a funny talking card with two little old ladies on front & a new bottle of Cranberry Wine. They both made me happy! Then we grabbed our guys & headed into town to eat some Mexican food. I had the most amazing drink called a Mango Sunrise ( since Bekah who is allergic to Mango wasn't there) I figured why not? It was delicious & I will be having it again I am sure.After some great food & lively conversation which is the norm for this group we headed off to see the new Adam Sandler / Jennifer Aniston movie "Just go with it.".
I laughed from the opening to the end! I have not sat through a movie that I loved that much in years!! I can't wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD. I would even sit through it again with anyone else who wanted to go watch the movie. The teaming up of Adam Sandler's character with Jennifer Aniston then throw in a surprise appearance by Nicole Kidman was Hysterical!! Of course both the guys where loving the pretty girls running around all over the big screen, just made me realize I will never look like that in a bikni again & I am OK with that.
We then headed to Dairy Queen to grab some Dilly Bars for Sam's mom & I found out they now come in Butterscotch flavor?? Who Knew?? Not me! I just assumed it was the same old chocolate/vanilla combo - but no they have changed it up on me. Maybe that does show my age a bit, but I had no idea as I don't frequent DQ much anymore.
As we finally made our way home we enjoyed more fun conversation on the car ride home. I really had a nice relaxing evening after a week of feeling so Blah from sickness. It was nice to get out with good friends , relax, & laugh a lot!! It was just what the Doctor ordered & I can't wait to do it again soon!

                            My love & me at dinner

 The AMAZING birthday cupcakes I had on Sunday the 6th at my first celebration.

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