Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fort Polk Survival 101

As most of you military spouses know friends coming & going is a regular part of your military life. I have a good friend & battle buddy who is PCSing with her soldier very soon to Fort Polk. I know I just heard a bunch of groaning from all you Army wives-LOL I don't know many who are jumping up & down excited about going to Polk. I can thankfully say that is one place we have never gotten orders for & I hope we never do!
Anyway as  my friend gets ready to leave another friend has put together a dinner for her to say goodbye. It looks to be most of us wives who she ran around with during the last deployment. We where asked to bring a GAG gift for her that would make her laugh about her unfortunate lot in life to move to POLK. 

I am sure that some are going to bring the usual Mardi Gras stuff of beads & masks.

I personally would be making a batch of Hurricanes to take but I know myself & would drink the yummy concoction therefore giving her an empty pitcher!

Now that wouldn't be to much fun for her but I bet I would be the life of the Party!!

I also know some will say the bugs are awful in Louisanna so bug be gone spray would be funny!

       I agree the bugs in the south are awful in the summer!

I am in hopes that even though I only have a few who follow my BLOG that you can come up with something else a lot more funny! I am at a lose for what to purchase or put together for Louisanna survival 101?? I am not sure if it is because I have been awake tossing since 4:30AM or if it is because I am stressed over paying a huge Orthodontist bill for my older son (that is a whole different BLOG).
Anyway if you have ever been to Polk or have any AWESOME suggestions just randomly pop into your lovely minds, PLEASE- PLEASE post them here for me. I would greatly appreciate it & will take pictures of the evening to let you know what all she receives. I am excited for the night as I love Theme Dinner parties! We will surely miss our lovely friend, but what FUN we will have sending her off!


Unknown said...

Your blog isn't bad, but don't hate me for saying I totally hate the little hearts everywhere because I can't read your posts very easily! Get rid of them and you're good to go! lol.
Seriously, when i come up with my funniest stuff, I am laying in bed making commentary in my head or to my husband...I lunge for a notepad to write it down before I forget it. You have to just do that when you have funny thoughts, make it a subject and then expand upon it. Easier said than done, I know. ;)

Amanda said...

LOL- Keri I was debating on the little hearts- I have another background i can try that keeps the hearts but fades them into it so they don't POP out. I am such a girly , girly the hearts as just me. But I will take it under advisement.Yeah I am so not a writer, this BLOG was started more for my own sanity as we trudge through all these deployments- so hopefully the longer it goes on the better I get! Thanks for the tips!