Monday, February 21, 2011

Cupcakes & Movie Days

We woke up this President's Day not really sure what we where going to do with our day off from school & work? The older boys had spent the night with friends which left our house pretty quiet with only two boys at home. I started with my usual cup of coffee & BLOG reading while the house remained asleep. When playing catch up on a friends CaringBridge page I realized we had reason to Celebrate! Two of her boys had earned some pretty amazing achievements & we haven't been able visit in awhile. As  I thought about this & left a message on her page Jacob my youngest finally woke up. I was explaining to him what I had read & he said " Mom I think we need to bake chocolate cupcakes & take them over to celebrate!". I love the way he came up with the idea all on his own. I secretly think he knew if I agreed he had a ticket out of the house for the day & hopes that our friends would let all the boys play.I soon checked the pantry then agreed to the surprise cupcakes & visit. So at 8:00AM Jacob & I sat out to make some cupcakes!

I enjoyed helping him mix them ,pour them, & pop them in the oven. We then tried to wake up Jeremy to tell him of our secret plans. As soon as he heard what we where up to he was awake eating & ready to go! We got the cupcakes baked, cooled & decorated all in about an hour-record time. Then we all got dressed, fed my husband & three of us headed out the door to Lacey where our friends live. I had sent an email letting them know we where doing some errands then dropping something off for them.  That we would leave it on the porch if they weren't home, no worries I doubted anyone would run off with the surprise. Our errand was grabbing some bread at the outlet store so I didn't lie! I didn't call because as Jacob said it had to be a surprise! We where excited to find everyone at home & relaxing on this Monday. 
The boys headed off with their friends to chop some wood & play Monopoly.My friend & I headed out for a bliss free hour of much needed "girl time". When we returned I gathered my two boys up much to their dismay & we headed back to Yelm. They where super excited their surprise delivery went so well & they got to see their friends. I decided to treat them to a movie that they had been asking to see since their brothers where still not home. We bought some popcorn, cokes, & settled in for a cartoon movie about Gnomes.
That's right folks a movie based on Romeo & Juliet using ceramic Garden Gnomes. I thought it was funny, but not that great. The boys however where mesmerized!I just sat back laughed in a few spots & enjoyed my popcorn with the company of two wonderful little boys. I don't always get as much alone time with my younger boys as I did with the older two so today was a nice relaxing way to spend our Holiday. Daddy was super happy to enjoy the very peaceful house with the dogs all afternoon. We all arrived home around the same time & the noise level rose back to normal & I wouldn't have it any other way!


AiringMyLaundry said...

Sounds like a fun day :)

Lisa C said...

I am the very fortunate friend and it was a lovely, much needed surprise!! She didn't mention when they got here I was still in my jammies, the house was a wreck and I was ready to hurt the 7 males who live in this wonderful home :) So instead of "Calgon take me away", it was "Amanda take me away"! She understands the predominately male house thing oh~so~well.

Heading out for a lunch was so much fun and I left the stress behind. God was good to furnish a good friend at just the right time. I am thankful for that and for Jacob's yummy cupcakes. My husband was not happy when we got back and Amanda took the boys home. He had made lunch for them but didn't tell me until after she'd left. He's always had a place in his heart for those boys.


Amanda said...

Lisa you better believe Jacob let me know AFTER we where driving down the road he was hungry & Mr. Ed had made him a hot dog WHY had I not let him eat? Grrr.... I told him he should have said something BEFORE we left that I would have let him eat with the guys.Tell Big Ed thanks so much for trying to fed them, next time they have to speak up I would gladly let him fed them anytime!