Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE Day.....everyday

Paul & I have never really celebrated Valentines Day. We always try & tell eachother everyday whatever we are feeling. I mean some days it is all I love you, your beautiful, sexy,sweet, or even mean -lol - you get the point. I am not sure if this comes with the fact that our own relationship started long distance from Alaska to Nashville, TN?? What I do know is we have never felt the need to use only one day a year to say how much the other means to us & I love this about our relationship. 
 Does it mean I totally skip out on getting him a fun, romantic, sexy, or flirty card- Nope not a chance!! It is the one time of year you can find some great cards & I often buy two or three that are fun to give him through out the year. Especially if he is deployed. They don't all say Happy Valentines so they can be used whenever I want to tell him I love him. I feel most military couples are just so thankful that their spouse or significant other is safe that they have no problem expressing their love year round. I think this is a lesson all America & the world for that matter can learn. It shouldn't take one day a year set aside by the greeting card & chocolate companies to express how you feel. Know one is ever guaranteed another day with their loved one so NEVER take it for-granted I know I don't!!
I remember this time last year Paul was in Iraq & I was anxiously waiting to see if I would hear from him ?? Did he get that extra special box I mailed weeks before?? I am so blessed that he is home for the moment & we are celebrating every single day as a couple & family. I hope you all will celebrate everyday as well.
It doesn't mean I won't be super excited if he stops to grab a bunch of flowers or chocolates along the way today to give to me as well- I mean who doesn't like chocolate????

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