Friday, June 29, 2012

Still Around

With the husband finally home & block leave about to begin in a few days, blogging will take a backseat for awhile. We have a lot of family activities planned since my soldier rarely get's more then a couple days off here & there. Some of you think no way we hear about four day weekends & leave. Well my soldier has OVER 130 days of leave!! He deploys so often we have yet to even begin to get to cash in on all the so called "free" leave days. That is about to change finally!! Here is a few things we have planned for July & we are so excited!

None of the pictures are ours just wanted you to get the idea of the fun we are about to have!

These are just a few things already planned . I'm sure we will fit a lot more into the next four weeks. Don't be surprised if the blog is super quiet until Block Leave is over. Then I'll have a lot of fun posting all the great pictures of all our fun.

Continue to be on the look out next week for our LINK to sign up for the Chelsea Hutchinson Virtual Epilepsy Walk. Team Jeremy & Banyan will have their own page where you can join us! More details to come as soon as they open up the website for registration. This virtual walk you can sign up for anytime & I WILL post all the information before we leave to go camping. It's for a super great cause.

Have an AMAZING Friday everyone & enjoy your family as much as I plan on enjoying mine.