Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 Sleeps Left

As Saturday approaches my nerves have kicked into high gear. My left knee is aching & sometimes has shooting pain. I've been icing it since yesterday as well as taking ibuprofen. I hope that it survives Saturdays' Spartan Sprint. We just received our first email for Saturday & this is what it said:

PacificNW Spartans!

 This course is going to be awesome.  It has a few Spartan “firsts” such as designing much of the course on a motocross track and a barbed wire crawl “treat” that we can’t disclose in advance (why ruin the surprise?).

A few very important notes from the Race Director:

All final pre race Logistics will be sent out 
tomorrow. Please continue to check the event page for updates!

The course is around 3.0 miles of hills.   Even the motocross track has a lot of ups and downs and little flat sections.  Race smart!

The 1st 3/4 mile of the course is uphill, in the woods, and lean on obstacles.  Consider it a warm-up for everything you will encounter after that.

There will be ONE aid station on course with water.  Plan your nutrition and hydration accordingly.  Forecast is for heat.  Most of you will take over an hour to complete this course, some over two, and some over three.  You will be thirsty.  Don’t be that racer who bonks because you didn’t come prepared.

Follow the marking arrows and marking tape, never assume the person in front of you knows where they are going! Do not modify or remove the marking tape!!!

It is OK to pass other racers on the course, including on tight single-track trails.  Simply let them know what side you are passing on (e.g. “On your left”) and say some supportive words as you pass by.

Don’t forget your ID to check-in at Registration.  You must have it.  Along those lines, make sure you read the Racer Packet that was put together for more information on what to expect.

Getting to the venue can be tricky, make sure you know where you are going!

Most importantly, race safe and have a blast!


I am OK with the mud crawl craziness as I love this part of the races. What scares me is all the hills. If my knee was 100% I would have no worries. I know I can run it or walk it we've been training for this for 5 months. But with a hurt knee I just hope it doesn't slow the ladies down. I am fully prepared to tell them to go ahead of me so they can finish faster. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out & we all have the fun we are anticipating.

I know some of you think I am a little crazy for doing these runs. But I am in the best shape fitness wise of my life! I love the challenges of the work outs as well as race day adrenaline rush!  I love that I have a group of ladies who enjoy the challenge of pushing ourselves to our fitness limits as well. They make me realize I am not crazy that I am putting my health & fitness first. If I am healthy then my family reaps all the benefits. Tonight's dinner menu was a yummy roasted garlic & red pepper Quinoa burger with steamed veggies. I have never made the Quinoa burger before tonight. I had to wing it because I didn't have a couple items on the list- but it still tasted fantastic! It boasted 10 grams of protein and a ton of flavor. I just added the veggies as my side to help me keep my clean diet going into race day. Wish us luck & watch for some fun muddy pictures to come later this weekend. Paul will take the boys fishing overnight while I venture off to my race. It's a fun filled weekend ahead for us all.

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