Friday, June 1, 2012

Single Digits

All I have to say is Let the Homecoming Beautification Process BEGIN!! It's hair day ladies!! You all know what that means- we are getting CLOSE!! Closer to this...

The first kiss after many, many months.

Closer to these Happy Moments mixed with tears of joy & relief.

Moments that melt my heart & make me pray a prayer of thanks to God for letting our soldier make it home safely one more time.
It won't be long now and I can hardly wait. I may be gone for awhile as I scramble to get things done these last few days. I have a huge list to keep me busy so I don't sit & stare at the clock that seems to have stopped moving! Soon we will be a family again. For how long, well only the Army knows the answer to that. But I am ready to have the first glimpse of my soldier, the first hug, the first kiss all over again. If it's one thing the Army does well it's Homecomings & I can't wait!

A little idea for you non- Army bloggers what a week leading up to homecoming & the actual homecoming looks like. It's spectacular time where emotions run high & for a short brief moment you forget all the stress of the past twelve months. All you know is you got your call he is safe & he will be in your arms again soon!


I'll Love You Forever said...

Yay!! Glad it is so close! Best feeling ever!

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the best feelings knowing it's SO close! So happy for you and your family!