Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Splish Splash

We learned Banyan loved the pool if he could watch everything & get treats! It was very hard for him to watch little people jump into the pol & go under water. He kept looking at me like he was asking " are you sure they are ok?". I just treated & told him it was OK so he could try to relax. When Jeremy was around he watched him carefully. Anytime Jeremy would squeal Banyan's ears would perk up to make sure it was a happy squeal. Finally after an hour & a half we knew he needed to go home. He was exhausted & showing us signs that he needed a break. We left the pool to come home & he fell right to sleep. 

We will continue to take Banyan to the pool once or twice a week so he can get use to all the distractions. Hopefully by the end of the summer he realizes that all the little people are having fun & he can focus on just Jeremy. Right now he wants to help everyone who goes under the water. He is such a kind soul & we are lucky he is ours.

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