Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Virtual Walk

Stay Tuned on July 1st I will post how you can join us in a Walk or Run to help raise funds for SUDEP. Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation does the walk every year to help raise more money for children in need of Grants for Seizure Alert Dogs & Emfit Monitors. This is the amazing foundation that hopes to help Jeremy get the last bit of money needed to finish Banyan's training. We are more then happy to help them with this walk. We can't be in Colorado or the other locations to participate in person. Therefore we will make a virtual team to walk here in WA. Anyone will be able to join Jeremy & Banyan's team to walk whether they live in WA or around the globe. You will receive a T-shirt to wear that day you complete your walk or run. As soon as I get it all set up I'll post & you can join us and help spread the word!


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The Service Pups said...

Looking forward to read more details about the foundation and the walk/run.