Monday, June 11, 2012

It's In the Books

After eleven months & two weeks deployment number four is in the books folks. My husband landed around 10:30AM at McChord Airforce base & relief settled into my whole body. It's a hard feeling to explain unless you've gone through it yourself the sense of constant worry just washed away.  I use to think people where crazy who told me things like you'll never know until you've been there. But those words are so true. I woke up at 4:30AM and laid in my empty bed for what I hope is the last time. Finally I got up and made the coffee & paced around my house. I checked my facebook for any updates no news was good news. As soon as 6:30AM rolled around I woke up the children who for once jumped up & got ready! The excitement was electric in the house as we patiently waited to leave. Once we arrived at the designated gym we had been seated for less then twenty minutes when the "DELAY" announcement was given. I was not surprised but still groaned along with everyone else. As the hours ticked by I thought we where never going to see that Plane come through the sky.

After I saw this they announced at least another hour & a half so they could turn in their sensitive items I voted to go grab food. We where all starving at this point. I thought if we ate lunch then came back it would help pass time. Plus Paul wouldn't arrive to hungry cranky children. Jacob  & I walked a little ways down the road as I wasn't giving up my awesome parking spot! We grabbed two pizzas and headed back to the gym. The boys happily ate saving three slices for their dad. Then came the next best part of the day.

We had a quick three minute speech then chaos ruled as soldiers reunited with their families.

This is my favorite picture, my heart is back with me. Unfortunately know one was able to tag along like in the past to get better pictures. But that's okay, who needs pictures when I can reach out & touch the real thing!

Now we are happily relaxing as he chats with the older boys who haven;t left his side since he showered & sat down. Soon I hope to get some time alone with my man. But for now it warms my  heart to have all my boys back under one roof. Who knows for how long, but I'll take whatever time the Army gives us today.


Unknown said...


A Crew Chief's Wife said...

So happy for you!

Amber said...

Welcome home! Seriously, tears over here, homecomings get me every time.

Anonymous said...

Yay, so happy for you:)

Anonymous said...

I read this with a smile on my face the whole time. I am so happy for you and your family.

Welcome Home!!!!

Lisa C said...

Yay Hustons !!! So happy to see the pictures and know Paul's home safe and sound! Please thank him for his service from our family. Hope to see you soon.


The Service Pups said...

So Happy for you and your family!