Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrations = Friends Who ROCK

 I started off my anniversary day a little bummed & sad Paul was missing another of our special days. But as my day went on it just got better & better thanks to good friends. After going for my massage that Paul let me treat myself to since he was away, I came home to find these beautiful roses on my front porch.

My best friend of thirteen years & her family knew I would be a little down in the dumps so they left this great surprise for me on my porch. Not only do they look beautiful but smell heavenly! They also had a gift certificate attached to my favorite Nail Salon in town to go get a much needed pedicure. I was all smiles & not a bit surprised by their thoughtfulness. I love them & we have learned to take care of eachother when we know we aren't taking care of ourselves.

Next was going out to dinner with two friends to not only celebrate my wedding anniversary but my friend's 40th birthday! We decided to go eat pizza & see a funny girly movie. Just get out & have some much need laughs! One of the ladies going is also an Army wife whose husband is due home from deployment soon. I lent her my oldest son to babysit so she could be my "stand-in" date for Paul. She took it very seriously &  showed up with a dozen pink roses for me because she knew Paul would have bought me flowers if he would have been home. Oh- so sweet & an unexpected surprise. I have to say I have some amazing ladies in my life & am so grateful to God he saw fit to place them in my world. Well since my date didn't realize we where celebrating my other friends birthday as well - I shared six of my lovely pink roses with the birthday girl. Then I placed the other six mixed in with my others- so pretty- here take a look.

After flowers where exchanged it was time to head out for the fun!

Quick picture of me with the Fabulous at Forty Birthday Girl

We went to The Rock that does all kinds of yummy firestone pizzas. When they heard that we where there to celebrate my anniversary, Tena's birthday, & Ashley's husband was deployed as well- they rolled out the red-carpet for us! The manager came over to present us with three free movie passes & one large pizza of our choice for dinner !! I was speechless! Tena who is never at a loss for words was immediately saying thanks & how now she could pay for an extra drink with dinner-LOL

Our waitress was kind enough to snap a picture of us as well giggled away . I won't divulge exactly what our conversation was about but use your imaginations ladies. Especially those who have husbands that have been deployed for over 6 months before........haha
 Plus Tena got a new boyfriend right before Christmas so we had to hear all the details of her visit to his families home. There was a lot of laughter & some looks from other tables because yeah we where a loud bunch for only being three girls. All I have to say is in a few weeks for Ashley as well as myself we will no longer suffer from the horrible syndrome another Army wife has labeled as "LOD"- thank goodness !!

Dinner was a hoot which led us to running to our movie because we lost track of time. I am pretty sure our waitress was glad to see us leave. The people who sat in front of us during the movie New Years Eve where not so happy to have us behind them. We laughed & chatted through out the movie. It had some really good funny parts & then they had to throw in a lame Army Skype scene at the end. Ashley & I where making so much fun of Hayley Berry who I normally love that I am surprised the people in front of us didn't turn around to tell us to shut-up. But making fun is really a coping mechanism...yeah that's what I was going to say if they did get mouthy . But for real it was a super dumb scene that in no way was believable.

We laughed all the way home & made promises to do it again soon. I can't wait until next month & my birthday- wonder if the Rock will be so nice again? We may have to broaden our horizons so we don't wear out our welcome. But Thank You to The Rock for taking time to make our night so special. Thank You for telling us you appreciate our sacrifice while our husbands are deployed. Also thank you to the cute elderly couple who gave us their table & hugged us in thanks- now that made me tear up.


Skinnie Piggie said...

Wow, that sounds like a wonderful day!

I'll Love You Forever said...

Happy Anniversary.. what great friends. Love the pictures.