Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blessed Chaos

When I woke up this morning to little boys running through the house giggling over the excitement of making homemade cinnamon rolls with their Ommie, I didn't cringe I smiled. I was thinking how blessed I am to have all four of my boys alive & well under my roof today. No one is crying, no one is sick, no one is missing from our home. It made me sad for those families in Connecticut who are no doubt in the throws of grief & despair. They will never again hold there children the small & those adults who where someone's child. They will never again wish they had one more minute of quiet in the early Saturday morning hours rather then hear the pitter patter of little feet running. 

I am thankful today for all my blessings & I know in my heart that Jesus holds the smallest victims in his arms today.  We may never truly know why that man did the unspeakable acts against the most innocent in our society. But we can draw comfort in knowing they are in a home like none we will ever know while we walk on this earth. This will not bring any kind of comfort to their loved ones today, but in time. So for today I count my blessings of a loud rowdy house of boys & my parents spoiling them rotten. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow so we should make sure those we love & treasure know it today.

 The homemade cinnamon rolls that caused all the early morning excitement.

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