Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Excitment in a Snapshot

It was a great Christmas day spent with just our family at home. We enjoyed lounging in Pj's all day ( I did change to my yoga pants at some point) , My mom will have a heart attack if she reads this to see that we just did buffet stye Christmas lunch in our comfy clothes. But we where just so happy to be in our home together no worries about if Paul would be able to call or skype that we wanted to just chill. I did go all out fixing our favorites for lunch which everyone devoured and had left overs later. All in all we had a lovey magical Christmas day. One that I know the boys can look back on later in life with fond smiles. I really can't ask for more then that. Who cares if the table wasn't set to perfection and everyone was wearing their best clothes. We still sat around the table enjoying a meal ALL TOGETHER!! I still got all the compliments of a meal well cooked from all my boys plus one. Yes, we had a wonderful Christmas day together, one for the books- thank you Jesus for allowing that peace to happen in our home.

My how handsome & big my four boys have become. This was taken on Christmas Eve.

A picture was sent to Jeremy from Chris at 1 Boy 4 Change of Jeremy's new pup who he named Balto.


Then our last Christmas picture was sent last night before bed of Balto with his first ever Christmas toy.

Now it's a day of relaxing with the boys enjoying all their new gifts. I am going to go test out my new running shoes as well. Then tomorrow the Christmas clean up begins as I store away all the wonderful decorations until next year.