Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Home is Full

I am feeling truly blessed this year as my home has all the important people able to be here to celebrate Christmas . Paul is home and out fishing with Matthew, Jacob, & our cousin Ben. Jeremy & Hunter are tolerating my girly movies as we wait for their return. Hopefully they have some fresh Salmon to put into our freezer when they arrive. It's rare that we are all under one roof for holidays so I am enjoying it immensely. Even better that we can entertain a cousin who is stationed in WA with the Navy. It's been years since I saw Ben and the boys are enjoying having him around the house.

We baked all week and are enjoying way to many sweets. I did sneak off to the gym today just so I could indulge guilt free for a few days. We let the boys open up a few Christmas cards this morning that we knew contained gifts. They where so excited! Their wonderful homemade cards from their Aunt Sara were to cute! Origami Christmas Tree's made out of money. With a wonderful poem inside.

We are looking forward to an evening of pizza for dinner then opening gifts from all the extended family. The boys can hardly stand the wait! In the morning we will see what Santa brought to the boys. I do know that all but our amazing Jeremy know it's mom & dad, but they still love to play along. Merry Christmas to all our friends & family. We wish you all the best.

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