Friday, October 5, 2012

Homework Happiness

Homework & happiness are two words I never thought would go together in my world with Jeremy. But last night as I sat at the kitchen table with Jeremy as he read his little book to me & then wrote out all the answers to the questions, I was smiling like a fool from ear to ear. There was a time when this child could not remember the name of a letter & he was already 7 years old. Seizures had robbed him of his ability to recall little things like letters & sounds they make. Something most kids take for granted. Not Jeremy & not me. I hated when he would ask what the words on the TV said & when would he learn how to read. Was he really just stupid, he would ask. Some days even hitting himself in the head over & over because the work was just to hard at 8 & 9 years of age even though most kindergarten children could do it easily.

Last night I watched him blossom before my eyes. It was truly a moment I thought might never come. It was in that moment I realized he may take longer then most kids his age but he can now sound out words & read full sentences. Still not at a 11 year old boys "normal" level but at a level that makes me know he will be okay. That if he ever got separated from his dad, me or his brothers, he could figure out where he was & let someone know. Thankfully he will have Banyan with him full time in a few months which is another huge relief. Jeremy is so small with such a huge personality. It made my year to see him finally beaming up at me as he read & then say "I did it all mom  can I go play now?". Little steps that hopefully lead to bigger things for this young man who turns 12 this month- that too still boggles my mind.

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