Tuesday, October 9, 2012

12 Days Away

Banyan heads to his new trainer Tonia in twelve short days. I am a nervous wreck about the plane trip although I know he will most likely be perfect. Jeremy is starting to ask daily if Banyan has to go away yet. I think he understands that we need to have Banyan go finish his training but he doesn't understand why we aren't staying with Banyan. We have only left him over night once in the past ten months. He is such a huge personality in our home he will be missed.
 I know that his time with Tonia is going to go great. From everything I've seen on video and heard she is an amazing dog training. Banyan will live in her home with her family and receive so much that I can't begin to teach him. I just hope over the next four or five months he works hard so he can get back home to us quickly. For now I am snapping pictures daily so Jeremy can have them to look at while Banyan is gone. Here is this afternoons of the two of them laying round after school. 

Sweet moments captured in pictures to get us through the long winter months with no puppy kisses.

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