Tuesday, October 16, 2012


BINGO for BANYAN was a lot of fun & a huge success.  I really enjoyed visiting with old friends as well as making new friends in our community. We had to ask the restaurant owner for more space since we where over flowing the private room they set up for us. We ended up taking over the whole place with the exception of the bar. Jeremy enjoyed playing BINGO with his brothers and friends. We seem to have made enough money to pay for our gas & food when we leave this Friday to Colorado.  As well as have some in savings that may cover the next round of airfare. Everyone was very generous and we just can't express enough thanks to God & our community. Here are a few pictures from our evening. It was Banyan's last public appearance as we leave in 3 days to drop him off. I will post more after our return from Colorado.

My amazingly handsome guys.

Megan the amazing lady who came up with the Fundraiser & had never even met our family.

Banyan outside Fadi's Bar & Grill who hosted our event.

Thank You for all your Continued Support

Continue to follow Banyan's Journey through his finishing training the next four to five months at Jeremy & Banyan's Journey   On Facebook.


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