Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lovely Mt. Rainer

Jacob & I headed to Mt. Rainer today for a hike with friends. Paul was suppose to spend the day with me hiking to Camp Muir we had planned it for months. But of course the Army had other plans so my sweet little guy volunteered. He knew I really wanted to go see the pretty wildflowers & hike. We ended up having an amazing hike up the mountain.

We woke to crystal clear blue skies & nice cool weather with sunshine. We started at 9AM up the mountain at times laughing and at times huffing along. Jacob loved every minute , the smile never left his face. He made it .2 miles from Pebble Creek- he was the only child that age we saw up that high. All the other hikers on the trail told him how good he was doing & how impressed they where. Of course he said more then once "that's because I'm hard core mom!". I laughed and we enjoyed our day. Even on the hike down after we left our group so they could continue up to Muir. We stopped posed for pictures and saw amazing views. It will be one of my fondest memories when I look back later when he is grown. 

After we finished and where at the car he announced he needed a hamburger. I knew just the spot and off we went to Copper Creek Inn & restaurant. I let him get the most delicious old fashioned vanilla shake to eat with his hamburger. We continued to chat and laugh while we ate the delectable food. I knew that not many more of these days would come. Soon he will be like his teenager brothers and prefer to stay home with friends. But for one perfect sunny Saturday he was my sweet baby boy who I enjoyed a special day on Mt. Rainer with- perfection.

We came home to lay around & relax watching movies enjoying the rest of our day. Hunter ran off to a friends house Paul is out- so now it's just me & my little guys. A nice ending to a wonderful day.

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