Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot Days

Well summer finally arrived to the PNW & we seemed to be melting at temperatures in the mid 90's all last week. I was trying not to complain when the inside of my home was 88 degrees by 8PM. I knew that all to soon this sunny weather would disappear as fast as it arrived. Sure enough today it was gone just like that! I must admit to being grateful for a cool day of 72 degrees after all the heat. But I will be sad if we don't get any more warm hot days before Fall arrives.

With all the heat we stayed busy at the pool, lake & today another Sounders game.  We are enjoying the last two weeks of summer before the boys start back to school. Here are a few pictures to show what we have been up to around these parts. This week finds me super busy with school orientations for some of the kids. Have a great weekend everyone.

We visited Post so dad came to see us on his lunch break.

Staying cool at the splash park on post

Heading to the Sounders FC game

Having fun with my boys at the game

Jeremy was all smiles at the game

Earlier in the week after a hard work out- felt like puking!

Banyan with Jeremy after an evening walk.

We have been at the lake a lot as well I just didn't take the camera. Hopefully we have a lot more fun to capture in the next two weeks.

Also don't forget we are still raising money for The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation Walk on September 23rd. We would love you to go take a look & help us out if you can with a small donation. All the money goes to help other deserving children or adults receive grants to train their Service Dogs like Banyan. Just click on this LINK  and go make your donation. Jeremy, Banyan, & I will walk 2 miles on September 23rd to help raise awareness about Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. Something we live with everyday but thanks to the Hutchison Foundation we can have Banyan get the training he needs to help us know if Jeremy has a seizure.


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