Thursday, November 8, 2012

Remembering Our Veterans

 Today was the first time in three years my husband was able to attend a Veteran's Day assembly. For the past three years he has been deployed or on a "trip". Jeremy & Jacob where both all smiles to walk into the gym and spend some time before the assembly with their dad, their hero.

It was a very touching assembly where Jacob's 5th grade class performed many songs to pay tribute. We watched a slide show of all the children in the school who had parents or family members in the Armed Services. It was so touching I had tears when about a third of the students stood up in place of their deployed parent to receive recognition. 

I know so many think the soldiers are home now more then before. But today in that little gym the emotions from children whose dad or mom couldn't attend was palpable. The littlest soldiers in this war doing the best they could to honor their loved one. I hope everyone takes the time to say thank you every time they see a man or women in uniform. They work 365 days a year to protect our freedoms.  Today was an amazing special day for my boys & their dad. I am so glad they had that chance to spend it together.

Jacob's Fifth Grade class reciting the Battle Hymn of Gettysburg

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