Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Banyan Updates

Banyan was off to a little bit of a rocky start to his training. But with the patience of his trainer Tonia he has made huge improvements over the past few days. Noelle's Dogs Four Hope has very strict guidelines and expectations for their pups. In order for Banyan to graduate from their program he will need to
work harder then I ever worked him here at home. I have received constant emails & phone calls with how his progress is going daily. At times I've wanted to cry because he wasn't behaving in the manner that I have known for the past 11 months. At times like last night & this afternoon I've wanted to jump in the air with a fist pump!! I knew he could do it he just needs a little extra time / patience. Thankfully the cards are aligning and we are hopeful he will get the hang of the way things work in Nebraska.

Below is a short video that shows Banyan retrieving the medicine bag should Jeremy ever be seizing & I need his Diastat.  He also helped carry the purchase out of wal-mart for Tonia today. His retrieving skills are still amazing & I am one proud momma! We will still pray daily for him & Jeremy has added it to his goodnight prayer. That Banyan works hard so he can come home soon. I really believe God has big plans for Jeremy & Banyan I am just not sure what they are yet. But I am trusting God to show us the path in his own time. Enjoy the video & a few pictures from Nebraska.

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