Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tinker Bell & All That Disney Magic

Well folks my plan since I saw all the posts on the Disney Princess Half-marathon pop up on Facebook was to go run it in Florida next year. Then life happened & with the husband deploying at the end of the summer a trip to Florida is out. Bummer! BUT never fear we live super close to California which means July 9th THIS GIRL is signing up for the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon in Disneyland. It's set for January 2014 so it will be the perfect time for a much needed mommy break. I always try to plan one trip that is at least 3 or 4 days away with out the kids while the husband is deployed. It's for their safety & my sanity-haha

Now my running partner in crime & I have to come up with a team name. It doesn't have to be Disney but we thought why not? We will be wearing our blue run to remember  shirts with some fun add-ons for the half. We would love a few name suggestions from anyone who is more creative then us , shouldn't be hard. Here are the only three we came up with & we aren't just thrilled with any of them. The names are printed on our bibs that we want to keep so something cute & fun is a must!

Minnie Marathoners- we would have Blue Bows instead of red.

Then we have Blue Belles after Belle in Beauty & the Beast.

 Next is Magical Mermaids , mostly because Ariel is my favorite Princess.

But we are open to all suggestions that are fun that we can't think of on our own. I am excited for July 9th to come so we can register and get this race planning started. I hope after running my first half on June 22nd I am still excited-haha Wish us luck and post any fun team names you can think of please.


Jen said...

That's exciting! How fun! I would love to run that.

Amanda said...

I know! It look so fun!

Big Diamond Rings said...

Very nice, really it is so funny....!!!