Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners Unite for Boston

I don't have the dream to run a marathon, but I have friends & family that are marathon runners. I had a cousin who was 2 blocks away when the blasts went off. She never got to finish her race, she had no idea if those with her were okay. I am sad for those innocent spectators who always encourage us as runners at the end when we think we can't possibly take one more step to reach the finish line. I am sad for those 5,000+ elite runners who qualified for what they thought was the race of their lives that they never got to finish. Today a movement swept across facebook, twitter, & the country. Runners showed their support by putting on a race shirt & running for Boston. 

We ran for everyone who can no longer run. Who are now sitting in a hospital recovering from wounds. We ran for those who never got the chance to finish their race. But mostly we ran to show whatever cowards that are behind this attack, that we won't stop running. That runners have an unspoken solidarity with eachother. That even if you don't know that runner passing you on a trail, you wave, smile & feel like they are family. The cowards did not break our Amercian spirit. Instead just like 9-11 it only brought out the best in our country. It reminded us that in the darkest moments of American history there are true heroes willing to step up & help.

That a widow who was running in memory of her husband was there in the midst of chaos can write so eloquently of how her spirit is not broken.

"For me, a girl who was invited to run to honour her soldier who was taken by another terrorist on 27 April 2011, it threw me back into a spot where I immediately felt out of control, that my life was being torn apart, and I stood immobilized sobbing for again the terrorist sought to take yet another thing that matters in my life."

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