Monday, April 15, 2013

Balto Does Vegas

 Balto, my best friend Sam, & I all left last Wednesday for Las Vegas Nevada. We were going to take Balto to his trainer & puppy raisers to live for the next 6 to 9 months. It was a lot of fun & a lot of work. Balto did great on the plane ride & the flight attendants all wanted pictures. We arrived and he was a bit stressed over all the foot traffic but it was perfect for training. Training is what he & I did- a lot! Stephanie our trainer had us shopping on the strip, riding escalators, & eating at restaurants. Balto took it all in stride & was pretty worn out at the end of most days.

Yes he slept on the bed with me & snored! But when I got sick one afternoon he snuggled up and made me feel better. He deserved to be pampered before heading into bootcamp.
Here are a few pictures from training at an open air mall with Freedom . Balto also recieved his new Michael's Angel Paws 
training vest. 

We also had a fan from our Facebook page  Jeremy's Journey  
take the time to come meet Balto. Thank You Sandy it was nice to meet you & put a face with the name.

 After two days of long training & evaluations it was time to take Balto to meet his new puppy raisers. His temporary parents are so nice & were so excited to welcome him into their home. They really put me at ease & Balto took no time at all showing off for them. He jumped right into their pool taking his first swim ever!

He Loved the Pool!
He then loved meeting his new fur friends & playing in the yard.

I gave a few parting kisses & he kissed me back in true Balto fashion.
Then I left trying not to cry. I made it to the hotel before a few tears slid out of my eyes. But I knew / know he is in great hands with Stephanie. I know that the puppy raisers want him there and are excited to help our family out with training. This helps me a lot. Balto will continue his journey as a SDIT until he comes home to Jeremy. We will see him in 10 weeks & we are already counting down the days.
Now to share some fabulous pictures our friend's son came & took for us before he left. I knew when Balto returned the cute puppy phase would be over so I wanted it all caught on camera .
Took these amazing pictures that melt my heart everytime I look at them. We are so blessed to have friends with such amazing talent.


Jen said...

Aww how sweet! I'm sure he will do great.

msrn58 said...

Such great pictures. They really show the love between Jeremy & Balto. What a pair. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of is.