Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wishing & Praying....

 Yes folks it is getting hard to hide the excitement in our home. Soon & very soon I will be wrapping my arms around my man!

Soon I'll be doing all the things he wants to do for those 16 days I get to hold him! I am so excited for me to be able to wrap my arms around him again & hug him whenever I want!! This may be the best Valentines Day in a long, long time. We usually don't celebrate the day of love because we like to do things year round to show how special we are to eachother. But this year I have a feeling that is about to change....Head over to Goodnight Moon with Amber to link up your song of the week. Then stay tuned for the best pictures in the world of me back in my soldier's arms. Will it be before Valentines day, on Valentines Day , or after....stay tuned to find out! Because that is still only known by the Army at this point, hurry up & wait...let it begin!


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Chelle said...

I'm excited for you!! Yay!! Kisses!!