Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's February....YAY

I got some good news yesterday concerning R&R- he will be home one whole day sooner then he thought!! Yes folks I know it's only 1 day, but when you haven't slept more then four/five hours a night in months or had a hug so tight it feel like they never want to let you go- one day is a HUGE DEAL!! Plus this is the month he is coming home - February!! February means my birthday, R&R, and relaxation- I'm suddenly liking this month a whole lot more this year.

Today's song link up over at Goodnight Moon  was a toss up between a couple songs. One that was a little more slow I miss my man type or the one I actually picked that put's a big smile on my face everytime I hear the song. It has just got a catchy beat & makes me sing along everytime. I even have it as my new ringtone for now. My song pick of the day for Amber's link up is......

Colbie Caillat Brighter Than the Sun. I love almost anything she sings but this is one of my latest favorites. I hope everyone has a great Groundhog day & may Spring be right around the corner!!

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Goodnight moon said...

wooohooo on r&r!!!!! i'm so excited for you!!!!

i love this song! it's such a feel good song, isn't it!

thanks for linking up!