Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PBS Has Hooked Me Again

I've always loved , loved Anne of Green Gables since I was in middle school when I first saw it on PBS. Never since then has PBS hooked me on any of their series until this week. I had seen a few friends post about a new series on PBS called Downton Abbey. I was curious so while my husband watched a Star Wars Marathon with the boys I dove into the new British drama.

I have been hooked so much I just finished the second season & can't believe I now have to wait a year for season three! I adore all the fabulous clothing the ladies get to wear. Especially Lady Mary's character, she always has the prettiest frocks. Her antics keep you on your toes at times feeling a little exasperated with her over her choices. But mostly feeling sorry for her when she realizes her mistakes. Her & Matthew together make me long to watch the old series North & South. I love a good drama filled romance!

It only took me 3 days to watch 14 episodes. I am not ashamed to admit it because it is such a good cast of actors bringing to life finally a good piece of TV that I haven't seen in years. I love all the chatter that happens among the staff who help you really stay logged into the family happenings. It's just all so intriguing but I have always loved time pieces. This following character took me a minute to figure out where I recognized her face from?? But soon I did figure it out! Have you or can you??

My only clue was her hair color & British accent. Then it smacked me in the face after watching her in about 3 episodes. Savecha! My spelling may be off but it means " diced fish"? Ring a bell yet? If your a die hard Grey's fan you should know the answer- she was Lexie Grey's patient for awhile. Her acting is very good in this series & I was actually sad to see her go when they wrote her off. 

Meet the three sisters who have sparks flying  from the opening episode. Eventually it all works out, but it has it crazy twists & turns. Enough to make you keep tuning in over & over. Or in my case watching it non-stop for hours at a time!

If you haven't watched it & wonder how now that it is over. Go to to watch both season's for FREE!! Did you here me it's FREE!! If your looking for something to fill the  nights while the husband is away or just a good new series to sink your teeth into, then here you go folks. Downton Abbey has won me over & now I am anxiously waiting for Season three! Thank you to PBS for once again putting wonderful programming back on TV for me to watch.

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