Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Well Christmas 2010 has come & gone. It always amazes me how slow a year can go when Paul is deployed & how fast it all flies by when he is home with us to enjoy the Holidays. We all enjoyed our Christmas Eve day with Paul taking two of the boys fishing for Chum. They didn't have any luck but had a lot of fun with their dad. I enjoyed a nice quiet house with Hunter & Jeremy watching all kinds of Christmas movies & cartoons until late afternoon. Once everyone was under one roof again we put some pizza in the oven & everyone was happy to take a couple group pictures. Paul & I knew we would treasure these snap shots this time next year.  He even showered & smiled with out complaint. The boys did pretty good, the usual few goofy shots where taken, but it wouldn't be a photo session in our home with out them.We then ate some good pizza which was the request for dinner & the boys waited anxiously to open gifts.

In our home we do gifts from all extended family on  Christmas Eve. As well as a couple small items from Paul & I. This keeps the chaos of Santa gifts down a little come Christmas morning.The boys made out with a lot of great toys, books, art supplies, & video games. Paul & I had a great time watching them & their faces light up with each new present. The rest of the evening was spent playing with all the new gadgets & Paul putting together GI Joe vehicles. Thank goodness he was able to do that task this year. I am not as good at it when he is away & it can take forever.We finally got everyone into their beds around 9:30PM & waited patiently for them to all fall asleep. All of the boys but 1 know that Santa is mom & Dad, but they are required to "Believe" to get those big ticket items on their Wish Lists. It just makes it more fun for all of us! Jeremy was so wound up at 11ish I gave up & started sneaking around filling stockings & setting out the 3 items each boys receives from us aka Santa for Christmas morning. Then Paul & I headed to bed where I was to excited to sleep while Paul was snoring in minutes.
Christmas morning arrived around 6AM with Jacob the first one out of the bed rounding up all the guys with the cheerful "Santa came, WAKE UP!". I managed to rouse Paul dragging our tired selves to the living room to watch all the excitement of stockings & gifts being ripped open. I always love this no matter how exhausted I am from the late night before.Everyone seemed pleased & they where off to play all morning. We enjoyed our usual large breakfast & movie time later in the day. I managed to cook a nice Prime Rib dinner for the evening & we watched a little football. Everyone complained at the early bedtime but fell right to sleep out of pure exhaustion at the end of the day.
It was a very nice ,quiet Christmas & I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am glad we spent it in our home with just the kids & dogs for company. It will carry us through next year when Paul is away. Maybe next year the boys & I will venture someplace  else for the season so we can make the time go a little faster. I know not to wish my life away because each day is precious with Paul home. But it is hard when he is gone not to wish that year would move a little faster each day. A double edge sword is what time can be in my world.I hope everyone enjoyed their loved ones this Christmas as much as we did.
Merry Christmas to you all & may everyone have a very Happy New Year in 2011.


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