Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heroes at Home...

Paul & all four boys took advantage of the Sears Heroes at Home gift card we received for Christmas this year. I dropped all four boys off with their dad yesterday after the dentist at the store. I got to head home & enjoy the nice clean ,quiet house for the afternoon. The boys where armed with a short list of things I told them I would enjoy & they headed off on a mission! Paul hates to shop so this was HUGE for all of them to go brave the stores days before Christmas!! I got one phone call home for a few further instructions but they did it all on their own.
A few hours later they came running in to go hide & wrap all the Christmas treasures before I could catch a glimpse-lol They had a lot of fun & are still talking about it today. So many thanks to all those who donated to Heroes at home & to Sears for helping my kids enjoy this Christmas shopping trip with their dad. The memory will last a life time- PRICELESS- even better then all the gifts under my tree!!!

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