Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Best is Just Starting

 Beautiful job by my friend Ashley on my cake.

This past Friday on the 8th of February found me waking up and turning 40 years young. As I thought about the day and were all the time had gone I could actually say I was happier today then in my 20's or 30's. Those were some fun & memorable times but also years filled with abundant stress. My 20's found me wrapping up my college degree, marrying Paul, moving half way across the US to become an Army wife, & starting our family. The fun was great but the lack of sleep & my body tripling in size were not! No one warns you about the crazy that is motherhood. My mom tried, but until you experience it yourself you just can't begin to understand.

My 30's found me living in the Pacific Northwest with four small boys kissing my husband goodbye for year long or longer deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan multiple times. It found me grieving for lives lost to a War that is still going on today. It saw my children starting school & gaining their independence. It meant learning to care for Jeremy & all his special needs. Towards the end it also meant gaining some of my self back as my children are older and more independent.

My 40's find me in a healthy happy body I love and enjoy taking care of as much as possible. Gone are the days of eating whenever & whatever I could because the children needed me so much. No more chicken nuggets on the fly or spoonfuls of leftover mac & cheese while loading the dishwasher. I find that our home although very cramped at times with four growing boys is comfortable. It's were I love to spend time & always relish walking through the door after being gone for an extended time. I know longer stress if the laundry is piled up , or the floor doesn't get vacuumed daily. I find that Paul is home a little more this past year and that helps with my stress level going down. He encourages my running with my girlfriends as he likes having the " hott wife" with a wink he says this-haha I enjoy girls games nights more then nights out in town for drinks. I love doing hikes with the family or walking the dogs to the lake. Life is just a little more easy going then in our early days of marriage. So yes I am fine with turning 40 & have enjoyed a whole weekend of fun.

It started with getting my 6th tattoo on my left forearm. I know thanks to several remarks from cherished friends that they think I'm nuts for doing a tattoo . But I also know I love all 6 of mine and they all have special meaning. I do not regret a single one & no I do not think I am going to Hell for getting them. The bible says dust to dust folks- our bodies do not go with us to Heaven our souls go back to God. But that is a whole different conversation. Here is my  new ink, the picture just does not do it justice. In person the contrast of the shades of gray, black, & white just pop. I think it's beautiful. Plus it's a scripture I read a lot in times of crazy in my life, which can be often.

Next came a fun dinner with a couple of my dearest friends as well as a couple of new girlfriends.

 I was able to work in a run on Saturday so that I could eat my delicious cake on Saturday with the family.
 Then later Saturday night was date night for Paul & I. We enjoyed pigging out on popcorn we didn't have to share with the boys while at the movies. The movie was okay, we mostly enjoyed the time together and yes even the talking during the movie. I'm pretty sure the couple in front of us didn't enjoy that.

I think my 40's are going to be great! I'll see all four boys graduate from high school and move into adult hood. I'll enjoy Paul retiring from the Army at some point and hopefully starting the next chapter in his career. I'll see Jeremy gain more Independence with the addition of Balto to his life. Yes folks, 40 is looking as good as I feel these days.

Proverbs 31:25
 "She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh without fear of the future."


Jen said...

love the cake and I love your tattoo!! :)

ommie said...

The cake is beautiful...I am so proud of you and I am so proud that you enjoy your family and all their activities. I have always been proud of my age and have always said...I earned every year.....It only gets better from here.
Love, mom