Sunday, February 17, 2013

Re-Capping the Week

It has just been another crazy busy week of kids, puppy training, & race training. My highlight of the week had to be my Tuesday workout with my old trainer at her new gym. I loved the extra push, the fun atmosphere and the two days of sore legs afterwards. Oh, how I want to join that gym now but must wait for my current gym membership to run out :0/ I didn't log all my miles that I had hoped so I just know my March 3rd Hot Chocolate 15k is going hurt. But I figure I can do it & just enjoy that feeling of accomplishment at the finish line. Who says it has to be painless during the process. Hopefully these next few months the crazy calms down & my training for my first half in June can get done. I am so excited to run the Seattle Rock n Roll in my blue- that some people think I'm nuts-haha But it'll be nice to mark it off the list 7 know what my body can accomplish.

Puppy training was in full swing all week. Balto is getting bigger and turned 13 weeks old. He is still got the sharpest teeth ever! He still misses potty outside some of the times. But he still is fun to play with most days. He worked hard at puppy class two night this week. He went to the bank & the mall for the first time. he rocked them both! But he has officially warn this lady out. I can now hoenstly say I know why the puppy raiser asked us to take him until he was older. Puppies are a ton of work. Thank goodness they are so cute.

Today found me waking up to Panzer our almost 4 year old Weimaraner puking non-stop. Heading to church went right out the window as worry set in that he could be seriously ill. Sure enough after a few hours at the Vet he is home feeling better but not before a diagnosis of pancreatitis. Between him & Balto have potty accidents all day I opened my first bottle of wine in months at dinner. Exhausted just doesn't cover it at this point. Thankfully Panzer seems to be on the mind tonight.

This afternoon during a rare moment of quiet in our home.

I sure hope this week looks better. I know we are swamped again with appointments & training. I can only pray that God let's it all go smoothly and that I get a little rest fit into the crazy.

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Jen said...

So glad you had a good workout with your trainer. :)