Sunday, July 8, 2012

Belated Birthday

Finally after months of waiting it was time for Jacob to get to see his first Sounders FC game LIVE in Seattle! We had purchased the tickets back in February to watch the Sounders take on the Colorado Rapids. Paul, the two younger boys & myself headed into Seattle late afternoon for the game. We parked and the two boys where bubbling with excitement as well as their dad. We headed to Pyramid Brewery that is across the street from Century Link Field to eat before the game. This fulfilled my husband's wish to see the brewery as well as mine to feed us all for under $50 since stadium food is expensive! Jacob was super excited for his late birthday adventure to begin!

Next we headed over to century link to see some of the fun pre-game activities. We turned around at one point & ran into our friends from church. What a pleasant surprise to be in a huge city like Seattle and see people we know unexpectedly. The boys took turns kicking the soccer ball at the X-Box set up to try to win prizes. Jeremy won a pair of purple sunglasses when his soccer ball went into the hole on the wooden board. Then we went over to the Hynudai car where Jacob threw the soccer ball into the top of the sunroof to win us a chance to get Season Tickets!! We where so excited! There will be huge fights over who get's to go to the games should we win .

As you can see Jacob was pretty good distance back & he was the ONLY ONE out of the four of us to make the shot! He was so stoked! Next we did some quick pictures before heading into the stadium.

We had great seats even though I bought them I was surprised at how close we where to the field & players. We where mid-field and five rows back- AWESOME! Jacob got a new Sounders Scarf & Jeremy picked a hat.

 They also did a Military Appreciation display before the game with a re-enlistment ceremony. It was very nice to see & hear the crowds cheer.

The sounders went on to win against the Rapids 2-1 which ended their losing streak. We went on to have a really fun time together & have decided we need to buy more tickets soon so we can go again. It was a great atmosphere with very friendly spectators. I was pleased that the crowd we sat by where very pleasant with no cussing around the many kids sitting in the crowd. We all had fun & I look forward to going again soon.


I'll Love You Forever said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Impressive he made the shot in the sunroof! Glad it was a good birthday.

Skinnie Piggie said...

I totally watched the game on TV, I was rooting for the Rapid though because one of the guys I grew up with plays for them... I loved the Sounder's fans though... they cheered and sang, patriotic!

Amanda said...

It was an amazing time at the stadium! Very loud crowd made it fun!