Tuesday, July 10, 2012

22 Years of Army

Today marks my soldier / husband's 22 years of serving in the Army. He is not one to make a big deal out of it, but I am super proud of him. He has worked so hard over his career before & after we got together. He has achieved a list of awards that most Infantry Men never receive- I am one proud Army Wife. I wish my scanner was working because thanks to his mom I have photos of everything going all the way back to his Basic Training days. But lucky for him it's not hooked up & functioning. I will have to just post some random pictures of highlights of my man's amazing career. 

Way to go honey- way to always put your families needs first when I know you really wanted to retire already.  You've missed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, first days of school, first driving permits but you did it all for us & we LOVE you very much! Whatever path the Army leads us down next I know you will make us all proud until the time comes for you to pack away your combat boots. Until then we will be here beaming with pride over our awesome husband, dad, son, brother, & soldier.

Private Huston's first time home after Basic.

Jamie who was suppose to go with Paul but got a no-go due to medical.

Corporal Huston- this is the guy I met & fell in love with on July 24,1994

I married that Corporal on January 6, 1996

SSG Huston on his first deployment to Iraq 2003 / 04
Promotion to SFC Huston 2007

 2 Bronze Stars he has received - this was in Iraq 2008

SFC Huston seeing his boys for the first time in 13 months 2007 / 08

 Promotion to 1SG in 2009

 Bronze Star number 3 in 2010 

Auctioned off his hair for a good cause as 1SG- was one of my favorite days

 Sat in the dunk tank for the FRG.....

Made sure to attend buddies promotion ceremonies when he was home

 Makes me look good ALL the time!!

I love my man & I'm sure he is embarrassed over all the fuss. But he has earned it with his hard work & dedication. There are so many more moments that I can't possibly post them all. But if you've know Paul or worked with him at some point in his career I'm sure you can add to the list. Once again thank you for serving for 22 years & thank you for always thinking of your family.

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AmyL said...

Congratulations! My husband has done 21 years in the Coast Guard. He's been deployed on large cutters, but has never spent the time away that your husband has. Thank you for your sacrifice!