Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pounds Gained, Then Lost

Yesterday we had what was suppose to be a quick check-up for Jeremy with his Neurologist. Notice I said was suppose to be quick-haha Nothing is ever super fast at Madigan but yesterday seemed every place we had to go was backed up. Three and half hours later we where done. But not before Jeremy had to give up six viles of his blood. He did pretty well & Banyan was amazing!

Jeremy was so excited that his bandage matched Banyans! This was the first time Banyan had been around for a blood draw and he laid at Jeremy's feet with out moving for the whole time. I was very pleased. Next off to get vitals where Banyan pretty much let the nurse know he was not waiting in the doorway like she asked. He scooted right in under Jeremy's chair while her back was turned, then I swear he smiled at me! This is where the good & bad news starts. Height was great he grew 2 3/4 inches since October-YAY!! So we where optimistic about his weight. Nope, the whole 3 pounds he had gained where GONE! he had lost them  :0( All the hard work & weeks of stuffing him until I thought he'd explode gone just like that. Now we are back into what is causing this??

We are now booked with an endocrinologist in two weeks for more blood work & a look to see if his seizure medications are halting his growth. His doctor has researched the  effects of long term use of Tegrotal. It can cause thyroid issues.  In the mean time we have upped his dose of medication at night for appetite stimulant. I have tried and tried today to get him to eat. Sometimes he would others it was a huge battle of wills. He is also dehydrated, low vitamin D,B, & iron. Geez... so bring on more vitamins. Anyway hopefully we can get some weight on my young man. I call him little guy, but folks he will be twelve in October so he is really not so little anymore. Just small on the outside.  Pray that we can figure it all out & that no drastic measure need to be taken. Jeremy has been through a lot in his short life I really hope we don't have to take him on another journey that is evasive so he get's the nutrition his body needs. But I am fully prepared to take that step if we must.

 For now we are all excited to celebrate Banyan's birthday on Thursday. A friend is making him a cake for the dogs to eat. His friend Liberty is staying the night for a sleep over- yes he is just a dog folks. But he is a very loved & treasured dog who is changing Jeremy's world. Stay tuned for pictures!

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