Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to me!! It's one of the best birthdays ever!! I don't even mind I am one year away from the dreaded 40 !!  I woke up to a special delivery of a super cute new purse made for me by my MIL that my husband helped with. He suggested fabrics all the way from A-Stan.

Two friends thought he had gotten me a Vera Bradley purse. Nope, but looks just like something out of her collection because my MIL is super talented! I love it and immediately switched everything over to my new purse.

Then I went to pick up my best friend Sam so we could go shopping for a R&R outfit. A girl must look her best when picking up her soldier from the airport. Especially after not seeing him for 7 MONTHS!! I am cutting it close but Macy's did the trick! Super cute new top that was the last small on the mannequin. The sales lady was super nice about pulling it down off the wall for me! Then we hit up Charlotte Russ for cute ballerina slippers that match perfectly! I did not want heels because knowing the Army it'll be some crazy time in the early morning or late evening- so comfort but cute was in order. We also hit up Victoria Secrets because let's face it girls under garments are often neglected or forgotten when your man is gone. It was time to update & pick up some cute items. Plus I have managed to loose 12 pounds since I saw him last so I wanted to flaunt it a little  ;0)

Last but not least Sam took me to lunch at Apple bee's where I had a super yummy Strawberry drink our friend Nichole who was working made for me.

It was really good and went well with the great food we enjoyed. We ran home & picked up the children from school. Then I got to chat with my man & I am beyond excited with the time frame for his arrival!! Single digits ladies!! Now to head to puppy class to wrap up my day. But I did already have a huge night out in Seattle last weekend. All my besties surprised me with dinner & a Burlesque show at a place called The Pink Door. It was amazing! I hope to get their pictures soon to share. It is definitely going to be hard to top next year- but we shall see. Here is to hoping that this next year is amazing!!