Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jeremy Walking Again

It's time for Jeremy & our family to start raising money for our second annual Chelsea Hutchison SUDEP Awareness walk on September 22, 2013. Jeremy set a high goal this year that honestly is a little scary to me that we won't reach. But I promised him I would help him do his best.There are a few ways to help Jeremy reach his fundraising goal. You can 1. Join our team with a registration fee of $25 which get's you the new shirt and a chance to raise money yourself for Team Jeremy Journey. or 2. You can just go to Jeremy's page he has set up and make any amount of a donation you like once, twice, as often as you like until September 22nd. No amount is to small or to large. It's all tax deductible since the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is a non-profit.
 A quick refresher on what the Chelsea Hutcison foundation does for our new readers. They lost their precious daughter to unexplained death in seizure (SUDEP). Now their mission in life is to make sure that children like Jeremy or adults who have a seizure disorder have some options to have safety nets in their lives during seizure activity. One way is with a Service Dog who alerts to the child or adult during a seizure- like what Balto is in training to learn. Also they donate EMFIT monitors which are on the bed & will sound an alarm when the person has a seizure while sleeping. This is very important since a lot of seizures go undetected during sleep. These two tools can hep save a life. That is why we help raise money for the foundation. We also help because they have helped get Balto the grant money he needs to finish his training for Jeremy.  Here is the link to Jeremy's page , please if you would like to help at anytime during our fundraiser go here and make any donation you like. We would love to help Jeremy meet his goal again this year.

Team Jeremy's Journey

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