Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweetest Run in America

What a crazy last week we had here in our house. I had been training for my first 15K for a few months now. That is 9.3 miles folks in Seattle, where there are a lot of hills. Well on Wednesday morning around 2AM, Balto the puppy had to go potty, I jumped up slipped on my shoes & took him out. On the way back in I felt hot & could tell I wasn't doing well.
  At this point I wasn't thinking I was about to pass out, but pass out hard is what happened. I managed to get Balto into the kennel, went to sit on the side of the bath tub with my head down thinking i just needed a minute. When it was clear I was seeing stars, hot & dizzy I decided to wake up Paul by heading back to our bed. Well the problem came when I never made it past the bathroom door. I woke up to Paul standing over me scared to death, that he had watched me pass out hitting our bedside table & metal basket on the way down. I woke up screaming in pain as I had landed hard on my left side ribs. If anyone has ever had a rib injury I can only say it feels like giving child birth with NO DRUGS! It was beyond painful to move, to breath, all I could do was cry. Paul wanted me to get to our bed, so the sheer amount of effort to convince me to move was insane- once I got to bed he was amazing. He recognized that my blood sugar was most likely very low and headed to get me oj with peanut butter toast. After a few minutes recovering I convinced Paul to go back to bed that if I still hurt in the morning we would head to the ER.

About 4:30AM I feel asleep and woke up to the puppy whining again around 5:30AM. I tried to get up and yelped in pain rolling on all fours to the floor. I crawled to the kenel opened it, then crawled down the hall way while breaking out in a full on sweat. I soaked through my shirt and had it running down my face. FInally Matthew woke up and helped me get the two dogs out then went to wake up Paul. By that time it was clear something was wrong & I needed to go to the ER. After a quick phone call to my best friend who arrived to help with kids we were out the door. They got us in a room quickly but NO pain meds for four hours! I was so miserable & I had an IV so why no drugs? They kept asking about my drug habits, I am pretty sure they thought we were drug seeking, uggg. If they just took the time to look in their handy dandy computer they could see I haven't been in the hospital in over 4 years for myself. They finally got all the x-rays they needed, gave me drugs, blood work etc. They came back with nothing except I was healthy as a horse. My iron slightly low but nothing to be concerned about. All my ribs were very bruised but not cracked. They advised no running for two weeks- yes folks I said 2 WEEKS! That just was not what I wanted to hear and the tears flowed again a lot.

After getting pain pills to take home and resting like a crazy person all week I decided to head to Seattle with my girls for my run. I thought if I woke up Sunday and could't move I would not run. But it was a miracle! I woke up able to move my left arm over my head for the first time since Wednesday. I still couldn't move fast or tight turns without pain, but I popped some vicoden and headed to the starting line. My whole race had changed at this point & I fully expected to only be able to run maybe a 14 minute mile. What turned out to be an Okay race and a 10:24 pace was a shocker! I trained for hills and this race had them in abundance. I climbed those hills easily, it was the jarring rib shaking going down that made me cringe and almost cry. I popped another half pill at mile 6 & kept going. I know a lot of you think I'm nuts, but my legs felt fine, it was just my blasted ribs! I made it across the finish line in 1:37minutes and 23 seconds. Over my original goal but also a lot faster then I ever thought would happen while running with this injury.

Monday, today I am suffering the after effects of a very sore left side again & nausea. I think the nausea is from all the pain pills I am popping. But my legs aren't tired, but my ribs are back to hurting on about an 8 scale out of 10. I had so much fun with my running girls though & a couple of their husbands. I wouldn't change a thing except for packing while drugged up for a race. I found out at 9:30PM the night before that I had packed two different shoes both left feet :0/  Thankfully a friend lives in Seattle and we swung by to grab a pair of her extra shoes as she was running the next day as well. They fit & worked great!

The swag was a bit of a let down if your signed up for any Hot Chocolate 15k or 5k. The tech hoodie is nice but runs extremely small. That was all you got , bummer. No extras in your bag at packet pick up at all. The cup you get at the end as your finishers mug was not even cermaic like it looks- it's a cheap-o plastic that breaks. The yummy snacks at the end were good, but that's all. All of us 15k's got the same exact thing as the 5k people, so that was a HUGE let down. They should think about getting a finishers medal or shirt for those who run the 15k to make it a little more worth the run. The course was done great and the road closures awesome. I never felt cramped at all, a lot of room to spread out- I would give the Swag a C-, but the actual Run a B+, the experience with my friends an A+++.

 Here are a few fun pictures & I hope no one ever has to run with a rib injury. This week is all about healing I hope and no pain.

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Jen said...

What a cool race, love the pictures! :)