Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doggy Bling

I was trying to decide how Banyan could look as handsome as Jeremy will look on September 23rd for our 2 mile walk for the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation. It came to me over an early morning cup of coffee ( most of my ideas require coffee). Anyway I googled purple dog print bandanas and found a super cute one to order for Banyan. It just so happened they only had  two left in stock so I bought both. We are now giving away this wonderful bandana to the next AMAZING Human who donates $20 or more in their pups name to our cause Team Jeremy & Banyan to walk 2 miles to raise awareness for Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy.

 If you have been following along then you already know our family will walk 2 miles to help the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation continue to carry on their efforts to provide grants for other families to receive a Service Dog or Emfit monitor. Both are tools used to help parents keep their precious children alive should a seizure occur at night during their sleep. Both alert to seizures that could lead to death. It is something our family has lived with since Jeremy had his first seizure at four months of age. But now thanks to Banyan we sleep a little better knowing he could alert us should Jeremy have a seizure at night. He has already alerted us when he was moaning in his sleep & coughing really hard due to a cold. He has a grant waiting for him to finish up his training thanks to this wonderful foundation. Our walking in September & spreading the word is the least we can do for such wonderful people.
 Please take the time to go at least read the information on their website to better understand about SUDEP. Then if your moved to make a Donation make sure to leave a comment below- because if your the first then you WIN this pretty bandana!

If you don't have a pup who can wear the bandana we can still mail it to you or you can give it away to the next lucky person who makes a donation. Jeremy set his goal as $800 thanks to our wonderful friends & family we are at $305.00 as of last night. We hope we can continue right up until September 23rd raising more money. Can you be the next to help us out?

 "Detours are not roadblocks. What we see as obstacles, God may choose to use as a bridge to bring us closer to where He wants us, next to him."

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