Friday, August 10, 2012

All Over the Place

This week found Paul signing in from Block Leave BOOOOOO!! We did enjoy his month off in July but boy did it seem to just fly by to fast. We are now waiting to see what his training schedule will be like for this up coming year. We tried to get back into some sort of routine then gave up. I told the boys they could have until August 15th to have a super crazy summer time then we would be back to school schedule. If we don't go back to school bed times & wake ups- it'll make for a rough September for sure.
I took Jeremy & Jacob to a fun new park on Tuesday to explore with Banyan. They had fun on our outing and here are a couple pictures.

We also went to the pool a couple times this week and the lake. We are enjoying the sunshine as much as possible before it disappears again. Banyan started back with his regular field trips into town. He is doing well but has a few moments of not wanting to work just play. I blame myself as we where pretty slack in his training in June & July. His trainers where gone & dad came home so yeah my fault. Now I am trying to get him out and about again as much as possible.

I received the phone call from the High School about parent & student orientation later this month. I can hardly believe my oldest will be a sophomore & turning sixteen in September. The time sure has flown by so quickly. I have to get him out driving more. Ever since he finished his driver's ed he has had no interest in going driving, so strange to me.  But hopefully moving up to the high school and older kids he will get more motivated  to try again.

We entered Banyan in a Seattle cutest puppy contest as well. I let Jeremy pick the picture you see below.

You can go click on VOTE for his picture to help us win a $200 Amazon Gift Card. We will take $100 of the money to purchase dog supplies for our local animal rescue/shelter. We are way behind but Jeremy wanted to try so here we go- hopefully with some help from family & friends we can WIN!

I started my workouts back in earnest training with one of my running partners . OUCH is what I have to say! My right should is achy from all the hanging pull ups I have done this week.Boy can I tell I have not done my hard training in awhile. I did 3 days in a row & by day three I was feeling it bad.

My self portrait after a really hard workout. I really thought I might puke!
Anyway we are ready to enjoy our Friday . It is suppose to be sunny so I am sure the pool is in our future again.  Saturday morning has our monthly Wear Blue Run to Remember in town lead by yours truly. Then I am not sure what we will do with the rest of our time. But I am so glad we still have one more week of laziness before I have to crack the whip and get back to school schedule. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend out there & stay safe.

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