Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sparkly toes,sparkly Vampires, Wolves ,& Laughter

It's been a few days since my last post but I honestly didn't have anything to fun & entertaining to write about until Saturday. When I woke up yesterday I sat up stretched & a HUGE smile spread across my face. I had been waiting for this day for about 3 weeks. Why you may ask? It was finally here ~Girls Day Out~
A couple of good friends & I had marked on our calenders at the beginning of the month for Saturday to be a day of all things Girls. Their husbands had field time & parental things going on which freed them up for a day of fun! I was happy to be asked to join as they knew Paul had been traveling a lot & I hadn't had much free time. These two ladies where my "deployment wives" while our husbands where away last year. We spent more time together last year then I sometimes do with Paul even when he is home. We where all super excited to play catch up on eachother's lives & laugh a lot. Laughter heals the soul when it is done with good friends who with a look can make you bust out a deep down belly laugh because you know exactly what they are thinking with out words being said. That is how it is with these two ladies.
By 11:00AM I was at Starbucks treating myself to a delicious coffee then on the road to post where we would meet at one of the girls home. We then picked up one of the girls daughter's from selling Girl Scout cookies & all five of us headed to get pedicures/manicures. A real treat for two of us moms who haven't done this in months & our toes/hands proved it! We had made appointments so we got right in which was great as the place was packed!
                           Waiting to get nails polished

After our pampering  we where starving!! I mean sitting there for a couple hours in the massage chairs will do that to a girl. We headed to The Ram for some yummy lunch & more laughter. Our waitress was a little strange so that brought on some fun conversation through out our meal. Let's just say the poor girl didn't get much of a tip from two of the girls & you know who you are-lol. After that we had to go drop off one of the little girls back to sell more Girl Scout cookies & we headed to the home of one of the ladies. Where we poured some good wine & set about turning on New Moon to watch. I am not sure we paid any attention at all to the movie as we pulled out planners & marked dates on our calenders. We have to plan ahead to work in this much needed time together these days. We laughed until tears formed & caught up on all our lives.It was something so easy & natural even though we hadn't seen eachother in a few weeks. It is always so easy to just pick up right where we left off as if no time has ever passed. As the beginning of Eclipse was started one of the husbands was on his way home from the field & picking up the littlest girl from the PX Girl Scout cookie sell. We started wrapping up our chatter & making promises to do it again soon. These two lovely ladies will be moving at the end of summer & I tear up every time I think about the upcoming deployment. Knowing they won't be here when I have my nervous breakdowns. Thank goodness for Skype & cell phones. I am sure we will use them all the time to stay in touch. These are the friends you make that last a life time & I am so lucky to have found them.It was an amazing day as usual & now this momma is relaxed,recharged ready to face the new week ahead.

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